so you think you can avoid reality tv?

read this. and understand, please, when i say the following.

I. DON’T. CARE. if they stay, can we stop talking about them?

still, it is annoying to me that they take their millions and spend them in a foreign country. pretty sure those are American dollars. then again, the movie business is global so i guess the globe can have them.


so much for reigniting new orleans, huh? whatever. DON’T CARE.

what i do care about? So You Think You Can Dance.

i LOVES it. lawschoolgirl, stop reading right now if you don’t want to know anything.

i LOVED me some twitch. and joshua and katee with the hiphop soldier tribute? LOVES. so much. napoleon and whatsherbucket are brilliant, and they were outstanding dancers.

i’m hooked. line and sinker. goner. i’ll be plopped in front of my couch to see who goes home. here’s hoping it’s the disco duck twins. they were sad and wearing yellow, something i just can’t abide. we’ll see. of course, did i vote? no. silly. that doesn’t happen until it really matters…

also…THANK THE GOOD HEAVENS that lisa didn’t win top chef. i was worried. the end result was good, but i was just glad that crazy demon girl didn’t get it. gosh, i’ve hated her from the beginning. i wish her success and all of that, but really…blech.

and now, realizing that i have written an entire blog post about reality television and/or celebrity news, i have to go read a book or play chess or something.


3 Responses to “so you think you can avoid reality tv?”

  1. i’m not gonna lie…i voted. a lot.

    My top 3 couples:

    Katee and Joshua – love love love looooove!!!!!!!

    Twitchington – Twitch has rocked my vote since LAST season (even though I really liked Hok)

    Courtney and Gev – I know they sucked tonight, but i reaaally liked Courtney’s audition, and i think it’d be a shame if she went home early.

    posting a full post of thoughts soon 🙂

  2. the funny thing about celebrities is that if you don’t want to hear about them anymore you just stop going to, say, E!’s homepage. it helps. I mean, I’ve been watching the news and surfing sites and this is the first I’ve heard of it. think about it like this- cnn shows the same five clips over and over all day because for the most part exciting things don’t happen. websites and networks and shows dedicated to celebrities have an even smaller pool of the world to report on, and also just repeat it over and over. just in case you’re just tuning in.

    just a suggestion from 4am me.

  3. I did stop reading . . . and I didn’t even read the comments . . . just in case . . . haha

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