sytycd, performance week two: my thoughts.


in order of appearance:

that king and queen thing?  weird.

tango?  meh.  i guess it was okay.

will is a star. i’m with the judges on that.  i didn’t vote for him, though, because i think he should be partnered with somebody better. and if they are in the bottom three, which they shouldn’t be (because i thought it was actually quite good and fun), he’s home free.  cheerleader girl, though, might be in trouble.

foxtrot was an utter snoozefest.  i don’t like them. i don’t know why.

gev’s love story contemporary dance?  hott.  for reals.  i don’t know what the judges were talking about, because i felt it.  it was one of my two favorites this week.

joshua and katee are my rock gods.  they are just stars at whatever they do. i just…don’t have words.  i didn’t like this week’s as much as last week’s, but it’s the second of my two favorites.  i voted for them multiple times.

disastrous salsa. just horrible.  i could do better and…i don’t know salsa.  and if you’re crying in rehearsal?  suck it up.  please.  could they leave now?  i’m ready.

twitchington…was good.  i didn’t think they were THAT good, but i felt it. and from this girl, that’s pretty good since i know NOTHING.  i voted for them. multiple times.

i thought chris tried to crump, but the funniest part of that whole routine was nigel’s comments.

i watch this show for katee and joshua and now for will.  everybody else is lovely wallpaper.

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