by the numbers: the nc edition.

3: episodes of crucial television (ahemthebacheloretteandsytycd) saved by tivo during my crazy vacation schedule where i forget what day/time it is and that nagging feeling that i’m missing something doesn’t trigger my memory enough.

.75: amount of a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips i have consumed.

3: trips to the grocery store so far.

2: times i wanted to scream and run out of the grocery store because people in north carolina stress me out sometimes because they are in my way and oh wait maybe that’s because i went grocery shopping without eating and oh yeah i’m gonna eat some raisins and hey miraculously people don’t suck quite so bad anymore.

4: thunderstorms we’ve had thus far.

9: the time my alarm goes off in the a.m.

2: how many times i told the alarm to stifle it this morning.

20ish: hours we spent without air conditioning.

3.75: cost of the fuse that caused said air conditioning to stop functioning.

at least 2: how many times i listen to danity kane’s “damaged” when i’m working out.

at least 10,000: the approximate number of times i would have to listen to danity kane’s “damaged” on repeat in order to get sick of it. also the number of dollars i wish i had in exchange for the dignity and/or reputation that i just lost.

5: times i have seen the preview for “mamma mia!”

95: percent sure i am excited to see that movie.  and i didn’t even know much about it before this week. who said advertisement doesn’t work?

6: pages i’ve written.

50: pages i’ve read.

0: percentage of those pages remotely related to my dissertation.


many thanks to those of you who are keeping mom and me in your thoughts and prayers. we’re doing good. she’s doing good. it’s the sixth week, and she’s sprinting to the finish. she can do it. she’s awesome. you’re awesome for extending your love. i appreciate it more than i can say.

2 Responses to “by the numbers: the nc edition.”

  1. I am SO excited for Mamma Mia! There are no words. Meryl Streep? Got me with that alone. We have thunderstorms here everyday. Watching them go across the lake and feeling the ten degree drop in temperature is fabulous. It was 101 yesterday, so the thunderstorms are the way I keep my sanity.

  2. YEAH! Almost there . . . I’ll be so happy when all of this is over for you and your mom . . .

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