dear old golden rule days.

i suck at reserving judgment.

pretty much, i’m a gut-level, snap judgment person.  it’s a terrible thing when you say it like that, i suppose.  i don’t necessarily do it with people so much as i do it with groups and situations. i’m good at it. i assess.  i determine.  i am routinely proven wrong by individuals, but i’m rarely wrong about situations.

first class was today.

make your own connections. i ain’t doin’ it for you.

i’m going to punish the elliptical.  and then i’m going to take another shower (i know. so much for living green and/or frugally but it’s frickin hot here and i had to look cute, as futile as that attempt was ultimately) and be terribly productive and hope that tomorrow is better.

i really hate first days. i try too hard and am too hard on myself and inevitably end up thinking that i look like a complete and total idiot when i probably don’t.

suddenly the weird dreams that kept waking me up ALL NIGHT LONG make a lot more sense.

maybe a nap will be in that schedule too.

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