some idle passing thoughts. and i really do mean idle.

why are the jonas brothers always wearing pants that are just so tight? i mean, beyond the obvious reasons, but these are disney channel staples.  are they subverting disney and subtly encouraging eleven year old girls to check out their butts? because if so…eww.

rumer willis.  someone explain to me the appeal, other than the genetic heritage.  she’s just…not so exciting as to warrant the attention.

does target let you return books without the receipt if the tag is still on it? i hope so. i could get a whole lot of luna bars for the price of this piece of crap book i picked up without much investigation that i couldn’t get past the first three pages of without feeling my moral compass twisting in the wind.

mm.  luna bars.

hey! it’s july.  what the FLIP happened to the first half of 2008?  yeah, i don’t know either.

what are you going to do with your tuesday?  this is my plan:

wake up. do yoga. get cuted up. try not to sweat to death as i walk to class. lecture for an hour about Romanticism.  walk back to car, no longer caring about sweating to death.  grocery store so that i don’t have to eat cheezits for dinner anymore.  commence the great luna bar hunt of 2008. elliptical–YAYAYZ! (there’s something wrong with me…) prep for class. take a power nap.  power through the rest of my novel–or close to it.  make the world safe for democracy once more.

yeah, just checking to see if you were still reading.

tired now.  shutting down.  goodnight noises everywhere.

2 Responses to “some idle passing thoughts. and i really do mean idle.”

  1. what book was it? I’m kind of interested.

  2. me and mr. darcy. it makes me laugh that you wanted to know, though somehow i doubt you’ll be picking it up on your next trip to target. 🙂

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