BYOA (bring your own answers).

it’s tuesday.


because it feels like it’s about…oh…say…friday afternoon.

why?  science guys…suss it out for me.  kthanks.

i got a stability ball.  also known as this really cool thing that i have my feet propped up on that allows me to lay myself over it ever-so-not-delicately and crack my back.  it came with a dvd. i tried to watch it. i really did.  but it was phenomenally lame.  so no go.  there’s a poster.  it has directions for things to do on it.  some of them make sense to me. some of them seem utterly preposterous.  so…what do i do with this ball?  i’ve heard tell of crunches. i can probably handle that one. i’m thinking the bridge move won’t be so hard.  i tried pushups already.  that was fun.  and then i fell off.


remember when i wasn’t going to write on my blog anymore?

good times, y’all.  good times. this little move right here? the one i’m doing now with perfect form and a great deal of training?



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