so, today, even though she’s having the roughest week ever, Lindz sucked it up and came up with positive things to say on her blog as she made the very valid point that sometimes hearing about other people’s burdens sucks when you’re already struggling to play the miss mary sunshine card.

so, instead of ranting and raving about how i’m growing increasingly stressed out, i am following the leader and doing the same thing.  but different.

so…things i’ve loved about this week so far:

it started with me seeing a couple of people that i haven’t seen in about a year that i totally love, and it was just like old times…chatting and laughing and being silly silly. i love that.

i spent 62 minutes on the elliptical.  that ties my record.

novels instead of poetry in my class.  even though it’s more work, it elicits more conversation and that’s good.

the closer marathon and premiere.  i’m easy to please sometimes.

my shorts are too big. got called “super skinny.”  have demonstrably larger/defined quads.  in short: RESULTS!

i downloaded ne-yo’s closer. love that dang song.  love that man. did you know that he wrote “take a bow” for rihanna? frickin’ good song, too. that might be next.

i got all of my grading done about a half an hour ago.  i might actually be in bed by midnight.  that pleases me muchly.

i straightironed my hair on sunday for the first time since i got the new cut and it looked supersassy and cute.  if the humidity would just WORK with me, i could do it more often.

i am halfway through the summer b semester.  this is both horrifying and exciting to me

things i’m looking forward to the rest of this week:

good mail coming from home.

so you think you can dance!  (remember: easily pleased.)

a weekend of hard work on the dissertation. i’m about two hundred pages away from sweet freedom from primary text purgatory and a kickstart into writing again. i’m frightened and thrilled by this prospect.  it may or may not occur in a house all to myself.  that could be very exciting.

my roommate’s birthday! i have gift ideas that i will not disclose until after said purchase because she reads (hi saf! happy early birthday!) but i get to bake.  i’m so excited.

i get to go to institute.  i am lucky and blessed to have that opportunity.

swimming tomorrow.  exciting.  walking/running/maybe stairs in the stadium on thursday.  we’ll see how it goes.

the prospect of, sometime, actually, maybe, honestly sticking to my time/study/work schedule and not falling farther behind.

what have you been blessed with this week? what are you looking forward to?

2 Responses to “humbled.”

  1. I think you might be more excited about my birthday than me. That’s amusing.

    Also, I don’t think I said anything before but…that smell from a few posts ago? Totally NOT me. In case there was some doubt. I just wanted to clear that up.

    Also, I have something cute to read to you, remind me at some point.

  2. I love this post, it’s always so surprising how many nice things happen on a daily basis when you stop to think about it!

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