unexpected fruits of weekend insomnia.

i wrote a blog post almost a year ago with a song i wrote. at the time, it was only two verses and i knew that it needed more. i was reading over some stuff in my “personal” folder on the desktop, mainly looking for something specific but stumbled into the file with that song in it.

and you could have knocked me over when i realized that i had written more. and it’s strangely good.

how do i bridge the distance between hope and what’s real,
between our life and what might come to be?
the words are all gone, all i have is this wish
that’s actually beginning to scare me.

that question, it haunts me like your smile often does
because nothing feels realer than that
my heart says my mission in life is to love you
and your arms are my safe harbor at last.

i apparently wrote it just before christmas and then went about my business like it didn’t matter. finding it again felt a little like christmas and reminded me that maybe i have something to say after all.

(not in songs though. i am not cut out for lyrics.)

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