it’s definitely monday.

woke up late. haven’t eaten breakfast yet. but i needed to come on here and confess.

i might have a crush on someone that i really shouldn’t have a crush on.

don’t worry. nothing scandalous or anything, like a student. (uh, no. i have had adorable students, but i am better than that. you know those skeezy professors. that’s not me.)

just…utterly unattainable but completely adorable. and problematic for many reasons. but when he talks to me and is all adorable everywhere all the time…CRUSH.

i hate those. they’re so distracting.


tell me i’m not the only one…confess your current or past crush-y secrets. i am almost a doctor, after all…

edited to add: and the monday goodness keeps on happening. people in the gym.  me=cheesed off and gunshy given my last experience.  not motivated to work out ANYWAYS=turning around and coming home.  some days you just want to go back to bed.  disappointments and frustrations abound in other, non-talk-about-able areas of my life.  there’s nothing worse than seeing the bad when you ought to see the good, and that’s me today.  i might cry a little. maybe i’ll take a nap.  i’ve got nothing to show for this day.  i’m sick to death of that.

4 Responses to “it’s definitely monday.”

  1. i have a crush on someone who is in a SERIOUS relationship. which sucks.

  2. aww lady- im sorry your day is on this rough path! seems like one of those days that would be better if you could have just rolled over and started the NEXT day. ugh. hate them.

    crushes are fun! why is yours unattainable?

    my crush confession? do i get only one?

  3. Unattainable crushes are the worst! I once had a crush on a friend’s girlfriend. Obviously could never act on it, and I got over it, but it wasn’t fun! Hope your Monday is going better!

  4. crush confession: i have a huge thing for michael phelps. not a little thing. a mind-alteringly ginormous thing for olympian michael phelps. hope your day finished a little bit better!

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