anatomy of a wednesday. words included.

problem @ 5:15 a.m.:  woke up late.  need to leave in 20 minutes but also need to be presentable.

solution:  waves of envy.  remember how i told you that i loved it? i don’t think you understand how it routinely saves my life.

problem @ 10:35 a.m.: i might fall asleep. i can‘t fall asleep!  must. get. energy.

solution:  little tiny raisin box i stuck in my purse about a million years ago. hey, it’s dried fruit. it doesn’t go bad.  and it’s like nature’s candy.  SUGAR!  (although it wasn’t really much, it did something…)

problem @ 1:00 p.m.: starving to absolute death.  breakfast was 7 hours ago and those raisins? not lasting.  about to be in the car for an hour and a half, in what looks like it’s going to be some sort of crazy rainstorm.  no cash and no will to eat mcdonalds.

solution: superwalmart. 2% cheese cubes.  something called “itty packs” which have the most adorable little graham cracker bees and tiny little teddy grahams.  cash back at the cashier.  i love technology.

problem @ 1:30 p.m.: stupid idiot driver keeps inching over towards my lane.  listen.  if you can’t talk to your family and drive, choose one.  preferably driving since YOU’RE GOING 75 MILES AN HOUR.

solution:  idiot sped up.  good riddance.

problem @ 3:00 p.m.: fetchin’ i can’t manage to pay my freaking cell phone bill or credit card bill on time to save my life. i blame time.  HOW IS IT THE 30TH ALREADY?  it was like…the 19th a minute and a half ago.

solution: while i was paying said cell phone bill (thank you AGAIN technology!) online, i enrolled in txt2pay.  did you know that you could automatically pay your cell phone bill via a text message?  i swear sometimes i wonder why we need people at all, except to facilitate this kind of magical mystical interface of gorgeousness.

problem @ 3:40 p.m.: cranky tired. antisocial.  want to murder the person outside my window who keeps making some sort of repetitive metallic clanking noise.  i don’t care if you’re moving in.  stop it. rightnowkthanks.

solution: fan on.  white noise helps.  tv.  end of chevy chase’s law and order episode (he just got arrested!  for MURDER!).  my bed.  nap time.  yay.

problem: too much to do tonight. not enough time.

solution:  take a good nap now.  make use of project runway time for weights/squats/crunches/stability ball.  eat leftovers.  grade and plan during SYTYCD.  there’s time to get everything done.

and if there’s not, oh well.  it’ll happen tomorrow.

problem: i’m just too cute.

solution:  ain’t one.  you just gots to live with it.  hahaha.

(delusional.  going to sleep now.)

2 Responses to “anatomy of a wednesday. words included.”

  1. Ah, we do have to live with it.

    What is “waves of envy”?

    Also, I’m currently bleeding. Send bandaids.

  2. haha, you are adorable. hope today is less hectic?!

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