i am nothing if not a multitasker.

went to the stadium today, armed (chested?) with my new heart rate monitor (best thing ever, btw, if you want to really know how many calories you’re burning or what percentage of your max heart rate you’re at without having to do math in your head…and i think we’ve established how very good i am at that so you see what i love it and i digress).  went to walk.

it was 91 degrees when i got out of the car.

walking in the stadium, it doesn’t take me long to get my heart rate up because it’s a wind tunnel, i walk fast, and did i mention that it’s 91 degrees?

i thought i did.

well, i get there, and i look down at the field, and what do i see?

besides the fact that they returfed it? and there are no lines yet?  which is the HARBINGER OF A NEW FOOTBALL SEASON?

oh yeah.

there were people.

suspiciously looking like Gators people.

and i was a trifle bit distracted.

(if by distracted you mean i couldn’t really take my eyes off of the field as i rounded the south endzone where they were all congregated, trying to see if that man with the dark brown hair and khaki shorts and an air of authority was actually urban meyer and OH MY GOSH YES IT IS and so i had to concentrate on not falling over myself with glee.)

and then i realized that i needed to speed up so that my heart rate wouldn’t go down. i needed to stay in the zone.

but if i had seen this guy, i don’t think the heart rate thing would have been a problem.

23 days, y’all.  i’m SO excited.

2 Responses to “i am nothing if not a multitasker.”

  1. ohmygoshheissogorgeousletmewipethedroolfrommychin. i too, can hardly wait for august 30th.

  2. he’s beautiful

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