breaking news.

i ate a spicy salmon roll today. well, half of one. the other half is in the fridge for tomorrow (that’s okay, right? totally refrigerated…).

i.e. i ate sushi. real sushi. like, with real fish in it. i also ate half of a california roll, but i don’t really feel like that counts at all. nothing potentially scary there.

bow down before me. i am wicked brave. now to translate that into the rest of my life.

also…and on an entirely different subject that will remain purposefully vague…you know how you see something coming, and you’re cool with it, and then it happens, and you’re surprisingly not so cool with it?

you know that sort of punch-in-the-gut feeling?

i hate that.  for reals.

2 Responses to “breaking news.”

  1. Sushi is so good! Amazing stuff.

    What’s wrong? You ok?

  2. Yay for yelling your order, too! Brave AND sassy!

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