that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red.

the rain has thwarted at least three of my well-conceived plans.

i could grab an umbrella and suck it up and do it anyways–and that might happen later–but it’s annoying me. don’t get me wrong–i very much appreciate the fact that it is not a sweltering 900 degrees in the shade and that we desperately needed the rain because the ground it was so thirsty–but seriously. enough already.  keep the clouds. adios the perpetual rain.

i also need a massage.

first, before i say this, you have to understand that i am not a massage person.  it’s a personal boundary thing.  a person you don’t know?  i don’t think so.  but my neck and shoulders are in some serious knots.  i don’t know what i did yesterday while i was walking or sleeping or something, but once i was done, i had some serious muscle spasms.  super.  at least i can say that it’s not the kind of muscle spasm where you can’t turn your neck–try driving with that one. yeah, good times–but it does hurt.  so that sucks.

also, let me just tell you.  if you have a persistent muscle twitch, possibly related to the fact that your entire back feels like it’s in knots for whatever reason, and you google it? you will find out that you do not in fact have a persistent muscle twitch likely related to exercise or a dietary deficit (who knew magnesium was so important?) but instead some debilitating disease like ALS or MS.

yeah, don’t google your ailments unless you are prepared to write a will and say goodbye to friends and family.

deep breath. i’m going to go and try to salvage my day, which will involve walking in the rain, going to the library, and doing something productive like i did yesterday.

go me.

3 Responses to “that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red.”

  1. i would have been dead years ago, if google was about my doctor. but i still keep going to dr. google. i guess i just like to freak myself out.

  2. I had an ingrown toenail about a month ago if you noticed the band aid on my foot constantly…I cleaned that thing obsessively, I thought they were going to have to amputate my foot.

    Also, GET A MASSAGE AT SHCC THEY ARE UHMAZING. The nurse is way chill and after five seconds you’re not conscious anyways so it’s okay. And they play soothing music and have mini waterfalls and aromatherapy and suddenly a stranger rubbing you is in no way weird.

    Also, because I’m too lazy to comment separately on the other entry, one time I bought some california rolls because Cassie and Sarah thought I should try sushi and it was on my list of things to do before I die…I ate one piece and it was not good and that was that, but I got soy sauce on the comforter I had in my dorm and that was just annoying. The end.

  3. Never google your symptoms. The google answer is always “cancer.” No matter what. The internet is only there to scare you.

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