parades of undergrad girls in wedges or heels, followed by older girls in absurd hats going from house to house on 13th street.

norman field awash in brass and drums for marching band practice.

walmart populated by clumps of dormmates ooing and ahhing over rubbermaid storage solutions.

mowers on the new stadium turf, the smell of new paint in stadium concourses, and powersprayers working overtime to make even dull concrete gleam.

orientation parking signs.

a hurricane threatening just off the coast.

it’s fall.  i can’t believe it.  it’s fall.  my last fall semester.

i don’t know how to feel.

2 Responses to “signs.”

  1. Oh Gainesville . . . I knew exactly what you described looked/smelled/made me want to puke when I saw the girls in the hats/felt like 🙂

  2. wow. i don’t really miss that stuff. yet, i still have to deal with a lot of it. I can’t believe you are almost done. I am very excited for you!

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