if life imitates art, i’m about to see a ghost. or be held captive.*

things you probably shouldn’t do after trying to finish a chapter on the Gothic novel, complete with women in peril and ghosts aplenty:

  • leave your office past dark, and make your way through the labyrinth-like hallways with only a periodic hall light on.
  • imagine that you are on the set of a horror movie while you are doing it.
  • walk on campus after dark.
  • imagine that you are about to be murdered as you are doing it.
  • think that what you’re writing, about the power of a narrative to transport you imaginatively, somehow doesn’t apply to you

*this post, and experience, brought to you by the power outage that occurred at approximately 3 p.m., annoyed me greatly, forced me to go to campus to my windowless office and spend multiple hours there in the attempt to finish the first phase of my chapter.  which actually involved finishing most of it and listening to the taylor swift channel on pandora radio.

One Response to “if life imitates art, i’m about to see a ghost. or be held captive.*”

  1. Oh, I HATE walking anywhere at dark. I do believe that will be a post soon, as I have a few funny “I’m 21 and still afraid of the dark” stories. And with my overactive imagination: terrible things happen in my head. I’m going to have a heart attack one of these days.

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