i bow to the collective wisdom of you, my bloggy readers.

so…it’s time to cut the hair again.

little known fact about me. i flip about haircuts. oh wait. maybe i’ve written about this before. oh well. if i can’t remember, i doubt you will. yeah. i stress. it’s a manifestation of my control and trust issues–meaning i have issues trusting people who are out of my control. especially people with scissors.

but, it’s time. especially when i say, offhandedly, that it’s time for a new haircut and my friend agrees with me. TOO QUICKLY.

sigh. i didn’t think it was that bad. but apparently it is.

i think i’ll keep my color the same. beyond the need to stay true to the 30 in 180 goal that i made to not dye it anymore, i actually am starting to really like it. i mean, i liked it when i dyed it the darker brown, but now it’s got these crazy golden highlights happening from the sun and i think it’s starting to look more natural.

and natural is good.


[edited to add: here’s me! and my hair length right now…and you’ll get a sense of its “just hanging thereishness” when it gets long…]

so…these are some of the cuts i am considering.

option one: the graduated bob, made famous, of course, by posh, i think it could look really cute on me. maybe something a little like this but perhaps a bit longer in the back?

pros: with my ultra fine hair, the less weight the better…which means the back would look flipping awesome. i would get volume without losing the hair around my face, which i think is essential. also, i think you can do a bob with side bangs and get away with it (which i need) and i think there is some freedom in this style.

cons: it’s SO trendy. i don’t want to be one of those girls. also? NO REAL OPTIONS for styling. it’s pretty much do your hair this way or else. and i’m not sure how much i’m going to love that.

option 2: just your regular, run-of-the-mill bob.

pros: no weird angling to worry about, much easier to grow out (and not have to get cut every five seconds), still easy to incorporate layers into, and easier to deal with bangs.

cons: i worry about my fine hair just hanging there. if there are layers, it shouldn’t be a problem, but i fear that sometimes i go too safe and end up with a haircut that accentuates bad parts of my face rather than making me look and feel as sassy as i am.

option 3: the shag haircut.

i sort of have a longer, grown out, not kept-up-with version of this now (i.e i have lots of layers) but i rather like the length of this one.

pros: lots of layers = lots of volume. lots of choppy layers = there’s no real way it can look crappy, even if i don’t have time to do a whole lot to it. side swept bangs look good with it and it has lots of potential for sass if i work on it.

cons: i’m not sure how this length would flatter my face, if at all. too short hair could be disastrous, i think. or maybe not. i don’t really know. i’m also not sure how my crazy fine hair would do with this. again, it has lots of layers, so less weight usually means lots of volume, but it looks like her hair is thick (and wickedly processed).

finally, option 4: the one someone told me i should get and which i don’t altogether hate:

pros: uhm, it’s cute?

cons: i really believe this could be disastrous for me. although it’s got a flip, it’s not very layered and it doesn’t have a whole lot of texture to it. i thought i’d throw it out there anyways.

so…what do you think? especially you who have met me irl. or those who have an opinion. hey, everybody weigh in! as long as it’s not horrifyingly awful, i’ll post pictures when it actually happens.

(and, hey. anybody know of a good stylist in Gville? someone who won’t charge an arm and a leg for a good haircut? did i mention that i have anxiety issues related to this?)

3 Responses to “i bow to the collective wisdom of you, my bloggy readers.”

  1. I like the last 2 for you. I got the first one a while ago. haha. Now I have more of a bob. anyway, just go for it! It is just hair. It will grow back.

  2. Ooh, I like 1 or 3. Also, I just noticed the new header–it’s nice!

  3. I like them all, but would suggest 2-4, just because 1 is super-iffy. If you get someone who is not the most talented, it could be a disaster, so I’d go for something safer. If you decide you like (and trust) the person…you could totally get them to cut it in #1 later, if you’re still into it. As for stylists: I’ll ask around. My roomie’s from Gainesville, she’ll know a good place.

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