super welcome to my week, y’all.

bureaucracy has the power to make me hate gator football.

i think a little part of my soul died as i wrote that.

and i am glad i’m not going to the first game.

there’s something really wrong with me.

edited to add:

nothing dramatic happened.  football block nonsense.  of course, it all worked out in the end–truly miraculously, if you ask me.  and people were kind when they didn’t need to be.  but it was one of those days that was just ridiculously hot.  and i had to truck all over campus.  and my shorts were too big.  like SERIOUSLY too big but there was no way i wasn’t wearing shorts and my shirt was too big too and yes i do recognize that on any other day i would be like GUESS WHAT MY CLOTHES ARE TOO BIG! but today it was just annoying because i had to keep hiking them up like a three-year-old.  and i was sweating the way girls are not supposed to sweat. and then i had to go to a meeting that lasted too long (at least i got paid for it).  and i ate pizza at the meeting and let me tell you what your stomach DOESN’T like when it’s been eating healthy food for a long time…greasy hungry howie’s pizza.  yep.

so tonight, i’m laying on my bed and trying to remember that tomorrow is another day that will be better.

a day when i don’t have to walk all over campus…unless i want to.

a day when i don’t cry in the bathroom because i feel gross and frustrated and just want to go home.

a day when i don’t have to deal with anyone’s nonsense except my own.

a day when the score will be carrie: 485, life: 0.  instead of, you know, the reverse.

i look forward to tuesday.  tuesday will be my friend.

One Response to “super welcome to my week, y’all.”

  1. Dude…what did I miss? Please facebook me back with the answer, as I did not read The Alligator today…

    p.s. Cherie says HI!

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