THIS should go on ratemyprofessor. really.

did i ever tell you my favorite quote that i found on ratemyprofessor? let me share.

“prepare yourself for a joyride to hell with the devil incarnate.”

except it was in all caps.

ratemyprofessor got rid of it. someone must have objected. that someone was definitely not me, because i thought it was sort of funny. and then i thought that if that person had shown the same degree of zest and enthusiasm for writing assignments in class, that person probably would have done quite well.

here’s my next favorite one.

when i came into the writing center today for my first day of work, i ran into a former student from my spring class (also known as THE BEST CLASS I’VE EVER TAUGHT. EVER.) who told me that a fellow classmate saw her on the bus yesterday, sat down, and started talking about the class.

and he asked her how she did and about me.

and then he said that i was crazy and a “hot mess” but that he quite liked me.

at first when i heard this, i was mildly offended. which is to say that if i had had a big styrofoam mallet like in those whack-a-mole games, i might have hit him but probably not very hard.  because i’m tired and being offended takes effort.

and then she told me who it was (describing him, since she didn’t know his name) and i realized that, from him, it was a total compliment.

hi, my name is drbolte, and i am a hot mess and the devil incarnate.

who knew?

2 Responses to “THIS should go on ratemyprofessor. really.”

  1. The first one definitely made me giggle. I think you have the right attitude to just laugh at that. I especially like that it was in all caps!

  2. HAHAHA…funny becuase I ran into a ton of our class in my new classes. There was one girl in particular that was real keen on getting in touch with you. So, she might. But she loved you, as did everyone I’ve ever really talked to in our class. No worries, Satan.

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