oh hi.

it’s me.

you know, the blog owner.

just popping in.  my guest bloggers have things well in hand–great posts, y’all, seriously–but i just wanted to update you and show you something.

number one: twenty four pages to the director.  solidly positive comments on said pages.  meeting tomorrow to discuss the rest of the chapter (that’s only section one!) and the job search.  yeah.

number two: i’ve decided that sleep is the key to everything. as in if i don’t get enough, i have no capacity to do anything. at all.  seven hours is my minimum.  eight is preferable.  and yes, apparently, i am 85 years old.

number three: you know what’s better than yoga to keep your stress level down?


that? underneath my hand? is little bit.  she’s a tiny kitten that we are fostering (and by we, i mean my roommate who is extraordinary with animals and loves them completely and the other two of us who really just like to hold and play with her) because she was abandoned by her mom.  she won’t be staying (SHE WON’T BE STAYING. SHE WON’T BE STAYING. i tell myself this repeatedly.) but we’ll be looking for an awesomely great home for her as soon as she’s, you know, not eating from a bottle anymore.

i was a little bit in love before she crawled up on my chest, started purring, and fell asleep.  she fits in the palm of my hand.  she’s the epitome of adorable.  you can probably see it on my face.

what you can also see on my face is that i’m tired.  it’s time for bed for this 85 year old, dissertation-writing little bitty grey kitty loving girl.

thanks for hanging in there with me.  things are pretty good.  i’ll be back in a week or so, by which time i’ll have completed this chapter.

no matter what.

3 Responses to “oh hi.”

  1. A kitten!! Any post is my favorite post when there is a kitten involved. Good luck on the work, it sounds like you are doing great!

  2. kittens make my heart go thump.

    i heart kittens

  3. I have a feeling that the kitty may be sticking around haha

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