just trust me.

on the day when you are completely PMSing (sorry, boys, but it’s life) and randomly emotional for no good reason:

don’t go through the facebook photo album of ANOTHER of the MANY couples that have gotten engaged/married/coupled/etc, lest you be convinced that you will never, ever be loved by anyone who walks on two legs and is male.

(you know, as opposed to those who walk on four, have fur, eat out of a dish on the floor, and love unconditionally.)

for all that is holy, don’t think about the future, the clear relationship between the dwindling state of your bank account and the increasing costs of conferences/job searches, the fact that no one ever answers your emails, or how your hair just hangs there because you still don’t have a new hair person in the state in which you reside.

don’t wear jeans when you walk through the stadium to pick up tickets.  in fact, don’t wear jeans at all.  opt for pink turtle pajama pants and a completely mismatching t-shirt.

don’t react when you realize that your block’s tickets may, in fact, be on the TOP ROW OF THE SWAMP. don’t think about how, even though you don’t really have a fear of heights, being that high might be terrifying.  instead, focus on how you likely won’t be fallen on by a drunk frat boy…unless that drunk frat boy FALLS FROM THE SKY.

make pizza.  eat lots of it.  watch stupid sitcoms and try, even though it is right now akin to physical pain, to write letters espousing your amazing so that you can slog through the first stage of the job search documents.  even if you don’t believe a word of it.


remember who you are.

recollect the days when your hair curls perfectly, you look slammin’ in that dress, there’s always enough money even when there shouldn’t be because you pay tithing, and that the universe lines up just to announce how awesome you are.

tomorrow will be better.

3 Responses to “just trust me.”

  1. ummm….can we talk about how our beloved schools are playing each other, or is that not appropriate blog etiquette? i almost just wrote GO CANES in this comment and nothing else, but that seemed too much. =)

  2. i wish we could hang out.

  3. Hahaha. Uh, yeah. I think we all need to remind ourselves of these things! I love the image of the pink turtle pajama pants. HAHA. You’re awesome. Tomorrow will be better. (Hopefully it already is!)

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