in which i channel lee corso*

college football week 2.

welcome to carrie’s college football wrap-up, which will basically be me talking about the things that i see on sportscenter and on the various games i will watch every week while working on something related to dissertation, laundry, bathroom cleaning, or various other activities that may in fact take my attention away from the game.

(oh, and i also believe in full disclosure.)

first things first.

gator update.

2 and 0, my fine football friends. 2-0. and better? smashed our miami losing streak and probably made them cry coming out of our swamp. everybody should know that only gators come out alive.

(unless you’re auburn last year. but i SO don’t want to talk about that.)

atmosphere: i was there, section 39, row 85, seat 26. which was on about the 45 yard line about a million miles up but still SO much better a view than i thought when i mourned as i looked at my ticket. it was ridiculously hot, even for a night game. the stands were PACKED. the miami section was FULL. and it was kind of…rowdy.

know why?

8 p.m. game = at least eight hours of tailgating. those folks were drunk.

but we were sitting next to a really cool frat block and despite a member of our block getting a little obnoxious about people standing on the bleachers (sigh. i have to deal with that somehow.), they were actually really cool. i was impressed. points for frat boys. and, hello. most of them were hot. that didn’t hurt.

but did i mention that it was HOT? i was dying. me and night games don’t get along well. i don’t know why. i missed the safety being scored because i was sitting. it was either sit or pass out. i chose to sit.


game: the game was good…in the first ten minutes of the first quarter and during the fourth quarter. the rest of the time? most of spent yelling at tebow because we had NO. IDEA. WHAT. HIS. PROBLEM. WAS. and also his defenders, who were sucking.

i don’t mean to be unkind (hi, chickbug! i heart you! don’t hate me!) to miami fans, but honestly? there were SO many mistakes that miami just couldn’t capitalize on. that’s really a testament to our defense, who just shut miami down routinely. i must give it up to miami, though. they came and fought with a lot of heart and never, ever gave up. that was impressive. they put some serious pressure on tebow, sacked him a couple of times, and exposed a lot of our offensive line’s weaknesses.

i would hate to be that gator team at practice on monday. oy.

nevertheless…we finally figured out that we are the gators. we don’t get intimidated in our own house. and then amazing things started to happen.

in all, it should have been a much higher scoring game for us. receivers should have been going deep much more often and the running game, when it wasn’t working, should have been abandoned or varied a lot more. i was impressed by the variety of plays at times–harvin taking the direct snap? NICE.–but everybody who talked smack about our defense before the season (and granted, they were a young, young defense last year and showed it) can’t say much now.

but there’s lots to do before tennessee.

thank heavens for bye weeks.

other games, other issues. let’s discuss, shall we?

in bullets, so that i will temper my longwindedness:

  • BYU-Washington: they called the personal foul on the Washington player for tossing the ball in the air in celebration after making essentially a game-changing touchdown play. Washington ultimately lost. everybody on ESPN is calling that call crap. i feel like a rule is a rule. great play, yeah. but lots of great plays get called back for mistakes. that’s part of the game. (might i talk about how an AMAZING gator touchdown was negated for an early false start? horror. but that’s the way it is.) your thoughts?
  • WVU-ECU: don’t ever count out the pirates. they go through these cycles where they become the giant killers. i love that they are again. it gives me hope that north carolina can, in fact, have a great football team.
  • OSU-OhioU: why is ohio state still #3 when they struggle so hard to beat ohio university on the road? they face usc next week. i can’t wait. (oh. i just looked at the rankings. now they’re five. gators are 4. that’s better.

i think that’s it. what games are you watching? what teams are you loving? any surprises? comments? thoughts? anything?

*and if you don’t know who lee corso is, i am ashamed of you and suggest that you watch espn on saturday mornings, you freak. much love!

3 Responses to “in which i channel lee corso*”

  1. Even the most intense BYU fans are saying that it wasn’t celebration . . . Have you seen it? BYU deserved to lose . . . that poor guy did not celebrate to the extent that it should lose the game (if he celebrated at all). Also, stop making me miss UF!

  2. great game. we stuck in there for 3 quarters. i miss going to college football games every weekend. i was at the swamp once…it was awesome.

    oh, and p.s.- i hate ohio state. they annoy me.

  3. I so think it was a good ruling. The rule states you must hand the ball to an official or drop it where play ended. It does not say throw it in the air. I don’t care if it is over his shoulder, I don’t care that he didn’t throw it as high as he could. He threw it up in the air. Rule breaker. As you said, we had a touchdown called back. An awesome Tebow pass, because some gator football player doesn’t know how to stay behind the line of scrimage until the ball is snapped, it didn’t count. Oh well, that’s the rule, no false starts. The game was great, it showed that the offense has problems too and that defense can do something right. They kept miam to 3 points. That was awesome! It was hard watching Tebow struggle and get knocked down so much, but the safety was fantastic and the gators prevailed. I’m nervously anticipating our fight against Tennessee. Oh how I wish it was at the Swamp. GO GATORS!!

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