where my head is.

“i envy your students.”–a man who heard my presentation to the jane austen society.

it went well. i presented a portion of my chapter and, for the most part, it was received quite well.  i was asked questions and i answered them easily.  i got some good ideas. and i looked cute (nice black pants which i got to wear because i fit into them hooray, white shirt, black heels, cute necklace…it was a good look that i will probably use again for my conference in detroit in a month).

“the jane austen chapter is marvelous.”–my director.

i got through all of my job documents and the revisions of my two chapters.  i meet to discuss the job documents with my director on tuesday, and full expect to have to tear them up and rewrite them again based on her suggestions, but they’re at least done. the first draft is always the worst.  creating something from nothing is much more difficult than anyone makes it out to be. i sent her the chapters, and she sent them back with an email that included that line.  it didn’t suck.

“after you’re done with this book, you should think about…”–a member of my committee, talking to me about the potential of extending my dissertation topic post-railway revolution.

it blows my mind to think of potential future projects, since the dissertation has consumed my life for nigh onto three years now.  but there is potential–great potential–for future work related to my topic.  that’s happy.  that’s very happy news.

of course, all of this is tempered by the fact that i didn’t get nearly enough done today, i feel like i have climbed mount everest in hill intervals on the treadmill, i’m behind (again), my director’s revisions to the chapters i thought were basically done involve needing to read…A LOT, and i have no idea how to start writing the next portions of my chapter.

but, y’all, this week has been one of fierce productivity.  and it hasn’t resulted in me losing the will to live, being a total witch to those around me, or scaring my mother to death by being down all of the time.

no, i’ve done it all with a smile on my face.


so odd.  i don’t know what happened.  some kind of switch got flipped. i hesitate to say that, for fear i might curse it, but how can you curse something that is your own daily choice?

you can’t.

so here i am.  i’m working hard.  i’m checking things off of my list.  i’m making use of all of my time.  i’m exhausting myself physically and mentally and it’s awesome.

i’m EXCITED about what’s to come.

i just sort of wish that didn’t have to come with big piles of more boring things to read.

oh well.

One Response to “where my head is.”

  1. Sounds like things are going fantastically for you – so great!

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