the job list came out on friday.

i just looked at it now.  had to make my own username and password, as if i somehow have the right to be perusing jobs.

twenty-five of them fit me pretty well.  if i expanded my borders, a few in canada might have as well, but i like america and would like to stay here.

about five of them were MADE for me.

and not a single one of them is in north carolina.  my mom will be horrified.  i suppose i can placate her by telling her it’s only one of the job lists.

now i get to gear up to send pieces of my heart and hope in envelopes headed from sea to shining sea and prepare myself for the results.


also, i REALLY need to finish my dissertation.

2 Responses to “twenty-five.”


  2. Good luck with all of that! Sounds exciting!

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