the rules, part two.

i bought these pants. i had a coupon. they were $18. they are versatile. these were my thoughts. and they don’t look like jeans, which was the problem with the steel grey pair of these that i tried on and pretty much liked. also, i think the brown ones looked better, but i have no perspective.

(good news? a solid size, size and a half down.)

now, the ultimate question: what do i wear with them?

I skew very matchy matchy, but i know this limits me. i need ideas. and shoes. shoe ideas.

basically, i am your mannequin. dress me.

(did that sound weird? sigh. i need to do something productive now.)

3 Responses to “the rules, part two.”

  1. the link doesn’t work so i cant dress you!

  2. the pants are brownish/tan right? light shirt… something off-white, light pink, light blue. or maybe a teal. if they were more tan then id say navy, but it looks like they’re darker? as for shoes, i just bought a pair at old navy yesterday that were cute flats. id pick flats with those type of pants, but that’s just me. a tan-ish shoe, or a flatter brownish boot would be good too.

  3. Hi! Been reading your blog for a bit now, and thought I’d help dress you!

    Love the pants. When I wear brown, I like wearing pink of some sort — usually darker as opposed to lighter. If they’re darker brown, I’d also suggest a dark, bright blue. A bright navy if you will.

    As for shoes, I’m clueless when it comes to those things!

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