in which i think i need to start paying attention to utah football and live blog the second half of UF-UT.

ohio state scored four touchdowns against troy.  troy scored a touchdown and a field goal.  OHIO STATE allowed TROY to score on them, and TROY held them to only four touchdowns.  discuss the imminent destruction of the ohio state program or, as ESPN called it, the O-H-N-O.

nc state won.  that, in and of itself, would be big news. but they won, in overtime, against EAST CAROLINA. you know, the giant killer? so, if you kill the giant killer, does that make you a giant giant killer? for at least a week, before they lose to podunk ACC state, i’d like to pretend that ncstate doesn’t suck as bad as they do. kthanks.

more upsets–boise state over oregon. colorado over west virginia.  if i can hope for more upsets, i hope for auburn pulling one out on lsu. i hate lsu. i really, really do.  and i would like for that national champ to go down. and auburn does it to national champs. remember us? last year? yeah.

they do it. i hope they do it again tonight. i may try to watch that game, but we’ll see if i can write a chapter half while i do it.  i’m not superoptimistic, but we’ll see. i’d really like to see that go down.

byu won.  again.  and apparently utah state is something to behold. since WHEN do i need to pay attention to the mountain west?

the world is crazy and i am going to start caring right….now.

all right.  florida versus tennessee. you know it’s the game that i want to talk about. these are my thoughts, sort of as they happened but mainly afterwards because i was doing laundry at the same time:

  • phillip fulmer may very well have a coronary infarction on the field.  i mean, if i was him, my brain would explode.  but i’m just saying…the emts ought to be standing by. like right by. the first time he threw something, i laughed.
  • i think that possibly the volunteers, at least for the first quarter, have some sort of psychological aversion to the endzone. i don’t know how else to explain their behavior.  i mean, other than that they suck.
  • when the volunteers fumbled TWO YARDS from the endzone, i may have laughed again.
  • sometimes, the superman thing with tebow gets old.  because i buy it and then when he makes normal quarterback mistakes, i get angry.  because superman? superman doesn’t make mistakes. that said, in comparison to the fumbling, tackled, inept jonathan crompton who can’t keep track of the clock? he IS superman just by being competent. he’s just really so bad.
  • verne lundquist is a rock god. the other yahoo that was commentating? idiot.  ole miss is not an away game.  hello. AND MIAMI WASN’T THEIR FIRST GAME.  good grief. i know more about gator football than this nimrod.
  • my questions: what does a color commentator do? and why are the women always the sideline reporters? and how can i get that job so that i can ask annoying questions to really angry head coaches?
  • at three minutes before the end of the third quarter, cbs showed streams of tennessee fans leaving the stadium.  i laughed.
  • when tennessee finally scored, i thought that they had fumbled again. because that’s what normally happens, you know. and then…i realized…that they actually didn’t score.  at all.  when a knee is down, a knee is down. and then they did.  yay them.
  • but actually, i really wanted the gators to shut tennessee out.  but i was afraid to say that or type it or otherwise articulate it.  was that wrong of me to hope? probably. that’s why they scored.
  • i feel like i have damaged my karma here already, but i’m just telling you what i saw.
  • “florida eats clock.”  oddest. comment. ever.
  • tebow runs into a photographer on the sidelines.  he stops to see if the photographer was okay.  the idiot commentator says ‘i’m surprised he didn’t stop for a picture. chuckle chuckle chuckle.”  i’m surprised he still has a job.
  • why is it that i feel badly about a losing team?  they should have lost. they were a big mess, all over the field and without much focus at all.  they couldn’t complete. and yet, when they show those pity shots of the losing players on the sidelines, i feel compelled to empathy.
  • maybe that saves my karma

also, as a sidenote, did you know that UF is retiring these commercials? i’m sort of sad.

but these are the replacements, i think.  it doesn’t suck. it is definitely less cheesy.

so…i’ve been called to do something great.  live college blogging is over; dissertation work begins again.


One Response to “in which i think i need to start paying attention to utah football and live blog the second half of UF-UT.”

  1. I was driving during the game, so I was listening to it on AM radio and just laughed out loud when the announcer said “I don’t think any Gator fan that’s in the stadium will have a problem with the traffic. I’m pretty sure it’ll be all cleared out by the time the actual game’s over.”

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