good news friday, vol one: underdogs.

i don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but the world is not a happy place right now.  turn on cnn, or go to, go to the gym in the morning and plant yourself in a bike in front of the tv playing bloomberg information television, and you’ll see it.

it’s not pretty.

and while i suppose i could moan, shake my fists at the heavens, whine, complain, fret, panic, and freak, i would rather not.  i have my reasons for refusing to fear–mainly my faith.  i refuse to panic. panic never got anyone anywhere.  deliberate, careful, measured action, not fear, guides the wise.  so that’s what i’m trying to do.

but that’s not what this post is about. that’s all just a preamble to say–the news is bad. and DEPRESSING. and that’s not all that’s going on in the world, you know?  good things are happening all around us. but the good things aren’t sexy, so people don’t report on them.

so from now on, in an effort to promote some faith, hope, and optimism, i’ll be presenting a good news moment.  today’s comes from the world of college football, but there’s a principle behind it. so even if you don’t like and follow college football (WHAT?!?), stick with me here.

the scene: corvallis, oregon, where oregon state is located.

what: the showdown between oregon state and usc, the number one ranked school in the nation.  unstoppable against ohio state and quick to smash virginia, usc seemed unbeatable, even on the road.  oregon state, though, has a history of being able to topple the giants with one well-aimed pebble from their football slingshot.

at halftime, the oregon state beavers had kept the usc trojans to 0 and 60 some-odd yards.  SIXTY YARDS IN THIRTY MINUTES OF PLAY.  the score was 21-0.  the third quarter saw the trojans come back, and they narrowed the gap to 7.

and then this happened:

sometimes, the underdogs do win.  sometimes, it’s about finding opportunities and being ready for them.  sometimes, believing that the amazing can happen and running with all your heart towards that amazing is more important than your qualifications. sometimes,  even though you’re 5’7″ and everybody counted you out, you become a college football player–and wake up one day the biggest star in college football overnight.

life is about heart and not about the odds, or what anybody tells you, or how much you have to face.

sometimes beavers are bigger than mighty trojan warriors.

sometimes underdogs win.

happy friday everyone.  run towards your particular brand of amazing.

2 Responses to “good news friday, vol one: underdogs.”

  1. I would give anything to be able to rush the field ONCE. Just one time.

  2. This totally made me smile. Thanks!

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