flounder isn’t just a fish.

i ate two chocolate chip muffins on friday. i haven’t eaten baked goods from a grocery store bakery in AGES. i haven’t touched a vegetable in days.  the dinners for the past two days have consisted of basically ramen and some meat.

i snapped at my roommate because i was frustrated about something entirely different.  i apologized, and all is well, but i did it.

i sprawled on my bed on friday afternoon and watched grey’s anatomy instead of doing anything productive. i got up, went to the gym, and came home and did some more nothing.

1000 words are paralyzing me.  ONE THOUSAND WORDS. i have no idea why.

i haven’t even started on the paper that i am supposed to present at a major professional conference in approximately two and a half weeks.  i also still haven’t made my rental car reservation for that trip.

i am currently contemplating basically moving into the library because home is no longer a place where i can work. as much as that pains me to say, it’s very true. i have no idea how to effectively do that, since i’ve never had to do it in my entire life, so any suggestions would help.

i feel overwhelmed, and wish i had someone to take some of the load off, but i genuinely have no idea what anyone could help with even if they were willing (which i know so many are).

bottom line: i’m struggling. a lot.

2 Responses to “flounder isn’t just a fish.”

  1. im sorry you’re struggling. here’s hoping the weekend helped to rejuvinate you a bit. and i know what you mean about needing to get out of the house in order to get work done. hence my spending 5 hours in a coffee shop today studying. waaay too many distractions at home. dvr’d fall tv, my cat, my bed, trying on shoes, etc.

  2. Things to do:
    Read some of writing down the bones. It applies to everything and life and I think it would be worth a bit of your time. Plus it’s sectioned so you can read any chapter and it be an entirety.

    You haven’t gotten your haircut yet have you? How do I not even know this? I might, in fact, be the most unobservant person ever. If you got kidnapped and the police asked me about stores you’d been in, had you perhaps recently gotten your haircut because we found this hair stylist who is also a serial kidnapper and this info would really help! I would have to stare for a really long time. Seriously, nobody remembers what happened at a tailgating party 30 years ago.

    Oh yeah, let’s both get our hair cut. I just need a trim but it will force you to do it. Sooooon.

    The end.

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