le hodgepodge.

lots of apologizing for not writing going on on the blogs i read.

(thank heavens for google reader. truly.)

not that i am hating on the apologizing, because you know i do the same usually. but strangely, i don’t feel badly at all for my sporadic writing.  i use my blog for what i need it for–venting, keeping myself on track using the sidebar widget which is now doubling as a to-do list/accountability check-in, purging my brain of the things that i’ve been mulling over so that i can move on, etc.

and that’s okay.

so…what’s new with me?

not a whole lot.

everything’s basically the same. i’ve made some progress–finally turned in those stupid encyclopedia entries, excerpted 2000 words from a chapter that’s about 6000+ (it was beastly! difficult! but sometimes, you have to murder your darlings).  i’m gearing up for another week of insane hibernation in the library, as i have oodles of things to read, some of which is on microfilm which oddly intimidates me.  oh well. i’ll get over it.

i’m kind of excited to see where this next chapter/conference paper goes. i have a feeling that it’s going to be all kinds of awesome.  i’m also sort of excited to

i am participating in my first 5K this saturday. it’s a walk for breast cancer, so it’s not competitive at all, but it’s the longest athletic event i’ve ever participated in, and i’m pretty excited about it. but i’m pretty sure that my next big fitness goal will be actually training to actually run one.  i was going to try to start training in january, but i’m feeling fairly compelled to start soon. so that might happen in the next week or so.

and my secret dream is to do a half-marathon, which my pal lindzml was talking about on her blog.  but none of them are ever on a saturday, and i don’t do stuff like that on a sunday.  we’ll see. i think that’s pretty ambitious anyways, but who knows? i look back at the progress that i’ve made in the past four months and i’m pretty astounded.

as if i needed more things to do…but i need a new challenge. i’m getting bored.

i found something called newton crisps. they’re like a cross between a mixed berry newton cookie and streudel.  they’re sort of crispy and awesome and only 100 calories for two.  i love them.  and i love walmart because honey bunches of oats is always 2.50.  i live on that stuff.

speaking of, i want some.

so, all is well in drbolte land.  i’m tired but persevering.  i’m excited about and dreading the things that i have yet to do.  it’s a weird combination, but it is what it is.

i’m still on the hunt for some cute brown flats that won’t tear up my feet, as well as some adorable cardigans that are versatile enough to be worn with lots of different options. apparently cardigans are for old people.  oh well.  maybe i am.

but i’m still hecka cute, and i take solace in that fact.

One Response to “le hodgepodge.”

  1. please keep us updated if you find brown flats….i’m also looking! i’ve had horrible experiences with flats in general. can’t find any that don’t give me blisters. i can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong.

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