i stopped. remember how i said i didn’t stop? i willed my body to keep going?

yeah. i lied. at least seven seconds worth, i lied.  which will probably hang over my head like the proverbial sword of damocles until i redeem myself by someone working myself into a frenzied froth so that i can act like i actually don’t completely and totally suck at running.

because i do.

this is week two.  so i went from running one minute and walking ninety seconds to running ninety seconds and walking two minutes. i quite loved the walking two minutes–you never know how lovely and long that is until you really need it–but the running ninety seconds nearly killed me. i was supposed to do it six times. i was all “oh. i’ll do it seven times. i can do that!”

no.  i did it six.  and then had to sit down.


i keep trying to tell myself that this is okay. i am meant to suck at it. but i guess i had anticipated it being at least a little bit better. i mean, this is WEEK TWO. aren’t you supposed to, like, get better at it?



one of these days, easy would be awesome.

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