people in the world are already listening to christmas music, so shut up.

dear santa,

i found my dream today.

you know, besides my perfect man and an awesome job and five adorable kids and reaching my goal weight and not being in debt and you know that whole world peace thing.

my dream is a little miniseries in the UK called lost in austen.

but, see, here’s the problem.


or buy it on region 1 dvds.

so, here’s how i see it.

you’re santa claus. you can turn walls into fireplaces and get little kids the houses, dads, and brothers they want.  you can command workshops full of elves and make time stand still so that you can reach every house in the world on one night.

(granted, our understanding of the international date line makes that perhaps a little less impressive, but STILL.  seriously good work.)

you can get me a region free dvd player and the dvds from the uk amazon.

and the guy.

i can have the guy too?

i’ve been VERY good this year.  i promise.

hugs, kisses, and carrots for dasher (rudolph seriously gets WAY too much attention),


3 Responses to “people in the world are already listening to christmas music, so shut up.”

  1. I’m not Santa, but I might have a few solutions that are just a tad cheaper than a region free dvd player. Have you tried Sidereel? Or how about Maybe Dailymotion or Veoh? These are all excellent resources for online tv watching! Good luck!

  2. Here you go… try Ovguide (which has all streaming sites linked to it)

    You should be able to find it here. Excellent series btw 🙂

  3. Um, I think you should be saying “Dear Lindsay Who Has a Friend Who Lives In France and Can Get Said Friend to Buy Things I Need”. Holler if you want me to ask her if she can find them.

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