learn from me.

things you shouldn’t do the night before your big trip to motor city for your big debut at a big conference where bigwigs and people with big influence on your big job search are going to be:

  • just barely finish your paper.  or, i should say, finish a draft of a paper that eventually will end up being your paper. that you will present.  in front of important people.
  • consider NOT turning in your interlibrary loan book that’s already eight days overdue. they’ve already blocked you from using ILL. what else could they do?
  • consider NOT going to the bank.  where’s the money going to come from? huh?  magic tree?
  • try on all of your outfits as you pack them when all you did to yourself today was get out of the shower and sort of blowdry your hair, which is now pulled back with a headband.  not the most attractive you’ve ever looked.
  • watch a jon and kate plus 8 marathon when you’re just a smidge baby crazy already.
  • think too hard about what you’re about to do tomorrow.
  • not make a list of things to bring.

in other news, those of you who posted links to lost in austen are my bestest friends in the whole wide bloggery world and i heart you.  i am looking forward to spending an entire day with it, which may actually happen on sunday when i get back.

here’s to taking vitamin c and airborne and not making a complete mockery of myself!  think good thoughts!


One Response to “learn from me.”

  1. Good luck!!! I’m sure it will go great 🙂

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