letters written during a short residence in a posh hotel, part two.

this hotel is incredible.

i don’t know how to describe it, except to say that i’ve been to the ritz…once…and i think this is on par with it. the bathroom has sconces.  not just a light, but legitimate sconces. the bathtub is so deep it’s a trial to step into it (bring on more of those trials, thank you very much).  the towels are HUGE and fluffy.  the gym is incredible. they have a nightly turndown service, pillow chocolates and all.  there is a TV IN THE ELEVATOR (perpetually turned to ESPN2, which i’m unclear about, but whatever).

i totally don’t belong here.

the bed is huge. i can sleep across it and not even be too short.  note to self: find a husband.  THEN, buy a king size bed.  and a down comforter.  and employ a maid.

they have bbc america here, although thus far there has been little on tv.  free wireless.

it’s all just awesome.  but it oddly, at first, made me feel totally out of place.  cute valet guys opening the doors for you?

weird. and awesome.

mainly how i feel about detroit, but in miniature.

in other news, my outfit for today, which was my presentation day, carefully considered and pondered over a phone call with mom when i was flipping out because NOTHING! LOOKED! RIGHT! was so successful that every time i looked in the mirror, i said, out loud, “i’m going to wear this outfit every day for the rest of my life.”

or maybe i’d just like to look that put together, skinny, and adorable every day for the rest of my life.

that wouldn’t suck.


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