homecoming, or four more reasons that nothing will ever get done before nine p.m. this week.

so, we’re building a float.

and by we, i mean basically my roommate and i, since i designed it and she’s in charge of it and we’re sort of just recruiting grunt labor from the other members of our organization to get work done which i actually don’t really have much hope of successfully accomplishing as i have visions of having to paint 4 by 8 plywood myself every night this week.

and it will still probably suck.

because yeah i have this picture in my mind the way i think it should look and i just have this feeling that, like everything else that i have a picture of in my mind, it won’t quite turn out like that.

and i need to be zen about that in a big fat serious way because i don’t have time, at all, to be obsessing about a stupid float for a stupid parade. the float is already going to outshine what we did last year, so what the flip does it matter?

oh, it matters.

because i’m just that anal.

but i seriously don’t have time for this and as i write this i’m becoming more and more anxious about everything that i have to do.

(can you tell? i think you can tell.)

one of the most important job applications (i.e. one of the ones that i REEAAAAALLLLLYYYY would like a shot at) is due on the 24th.


if it’s postmarked, it will probably be fine, but i would like to have it out of my hands by wednesday.

that’s my goal.

but i still have to rewrite everything and mess with everything and OH HOLY FLIP THEY WANT TRANSCRIPTS AND TEACHING EVALUATIONS.

and tonight, what am i doing?

herding cats, otherwise known as getting basically willing, but sort of not willing, volunteers to catch my vision and paint neatly.


i’ve been at it since 6:30.  AM. four hours getting stuff together which included some fairly interesting home depot debacles and a serious need for sugar by 930, another hour of sketching the plan onto plywood, a brief nap, stupid ticket meeting that wastes my life, running for way not long enough but oh well it was something and it didn’t feel like i was going to die, seeing tim tebow and percy harvin on their way to practice (i might have lost my breath for a minute, but i’m not sure…), coming home to a letter from australia, and now this minor panic attack while i think about all i have to do and the fact that i told my roommate i would cook for our homecoming breakfast on friday morning.

you know, before i ride in the float that i design and WILL PROBABLY BE FREAKING OUT ABOUT all morning.

why do i do this to myself?

i should get to work, right?

but i think i’ll go watch west wing.  curled up in my bed.  and contemplate why it is that jimmy smits is such a better presidential option than anyone running this week.


One Response to “homecoming, or four more reasons that nothing will ever get done before nine p.m. this week.”

  1. Um… Good Luck!!! (And – what’s the float going to be??? I’m curious!)

    But moreso – GOOD LUCK with the application!

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