warning: serious whining enclosed.

one can only hope that on the day when you walk around saying “i’m dying,” and believe that you have in fact killed a small rainforest in tissues, it is the beginning of the end of the virus.

i’m definitely missing halloween.

tylenol cold does JACK. i miss comtrex. i might go in search of some soon.

i have lost my appetite, i think. while that might be miraculous, i think it’s a little weird too since it NEVER HAPPENS NOT EVER EVER EVER. all i want to eat is crackers, which is sort of counteproductive to the whole nutritious food so that your body can fight the virus that has abducted your brain and soul plan.

ugh. i think i’m dying.

not really, but ugh.

i feel like a five year old.  i miss my mom.

thanks for letting me whine.

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