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job search update one.

Posted in will work for food on November 30, 2008 by drbolte

and for those of you keeping track at home, i will not be working at boston university (not surprising), university of oregon (sad.), villanova (cancelled their search), or some other place that i can’t remember right now which must mean i didn’t really care university (who also cancelled their search).

if you’re the praying kind, please pray that i get interviews at mla in december. i would hate to spend that money and time away from the family for no purpose whatsoever.

other than that, i am oddly fine with these developments.

it feels like the Lord is closing doors.  i don’t fear that, really, although i hope they don’t all slam shut in my face without a clear identifying window to jump through.

and that is your job search update.

soggy, but solid.

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“are you there in all that rain? GO GATORS!”–a text message i got in the middle of the second quarter at the FSU/UF game in tallahassee.

“heck to the yes! GO GATORS!”–my reply.

i spent the better part of my saturday completely and thoroughly wet.  if not for the heavy duty plastic poncho that my roommate’s dad thought to send with her, i’d have been soaked to the skin and likely hooked up to IV antibiotics by now.

instead, i wore heavy duty clear plastic, thanked the genetic lottery for the natural curl in my hair, and did the gator chomp with reckless abandon.

and gasped when harvin was injured.

but we won’t talk about that.

and thrilled when tebow got VERY ticked off directly after that play, told us all in the stands to get buck wild, and gator chomped in our general direction.

and then scored.

it was a good weekend.

picture me early on, dressed in my “i bleed orange and blue” t-shirt, jeans, and blue and orange beads, standing in the FSU north endzone stands right next to the band, as we kept scoring IN THE POURING RAIN, and then add this soundtrack:

that’s a pretty solid snapshot.

(don’t talk to me about how i felt at the end, when the wind started blowing and i was freezing and STARVING.TO.DEATH.  but there for a good 45 minutes? i was gene kelly.

which just sound way weirder than it needs to.)


(and dear santa, please let harvin’s ankle heal by friday. kthanksbye.)


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gothic chapter, all 49 pages of it, now rests in the inbox of the director.

good grief finally is all i have to say.  i am very thankful that i finally got my butt in gear.

i now go to tallahassee, to spend my money and my voice cheering on the Gators to glory.

(i’m nervous!  my first away game!  will i get shot?)


here’s today’s youtube ditty.  enjoy!

so when i say, all dramatically, “i’m leaving!” what i really meant is not so much.

Posted in i love youtube--so sue me on November 27, 2008 by drbolte

i’m compromising.

which really means i’m going back on my word.*

darnit all, i guess i’m a blogger born and bred.

which means i need the cathartic outlet of whining in front of an audience instead of just dealing like the rest of the world.  and they say i’m shy.**

but in an effort to actually continue to eliminate the allure of writing pithy posts and thus siphoning off all effort from the dissertation writing (which soon will catapult my november 30K total to…oh…13,000.  which is still a miserable fail, but let’s hope for the early part of december to kill it but how), i believe that i will limit myself to short posts about nonsense.

or youtube videos of songs that struck me as awesomely appropriate for me and my life.

so, here’s the first.  won’t be the last.  or it will.  who knows?  not me.

not me at all.

*i am notorious for this.  ask the BFF about me and texting or emailing.

**no one really says this anymore, but they should. i actually am.  sometimes.

exit, stage left.

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i’m exhausted in every way conceivable and/or possible.

the need for personal strength and being centered and focused? more essential than ever.

i am massively behind in my work.

i am going on a bloggy sabbatical for a while, with no one to fill in for me and honestly with too much to say that can’t be said and too much to write that can’t be written.

i hate people who do this all dramatically, leaving tons of loose ends only to return and say “just kidding. all is well.”

there’s nothing dramaful going on.  i spent the weekend with my favorite person, three of those hours spent watching the gators rack up an impressive (?) 70 points on a perfect fall football day.  it was good.  but i learned today that a) that i am so tired that i don’t even know what’s going on anymore b) the assessment that he is my favorite person is absolutely still true and c) i can’t write anymore right now.

i will be back, for sure.  just not for a few weeks at least.  possibly not until post-holidays, but we’ll see.  i’m still around–email me, facebook me, etc.  no drama.  nobody’s falling apart or losing their way.  there’s a time and a season for everything. ’tis the season for me staying mum.

stick me on your reader. i promise i’ll be back.

Protected: can i get a FRICKIN’ HECK YES?

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your 12 p.m. update.

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no news.

i have cleaned everything in my room, reorganized my closet, cleaned the kitchen, and am about to take fourteen trips of trash down to the dumpster.

good times.  good times.

ETA. or estimated time of AWESOMENESS.

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the plane took off 25 minutes late, but it took off, and at around 10:30 a.m. tomorrow, about the time i am dying from both frostbite and exhaustion in the stadium, doing stairs, my bestest friend in the whole wide world will be landing at LAX.

he will already have been on a plane for 14 some-odd hours.

if all goes well (please pray that it does), he will get his bags, go through customs, leave his traveling companions, and be alone essentially for the first time in two years (missionaries always remain in companionships) as he waits for his plane to orlando.

which will take off about the time that i am scrubbing the ever-loving heck out of every surface in my house, which have gone ignored for far too long.

he is scheduled to land around 6 pm, arriving with all manner of pomp and circumstance into the waiting arms of a family that has missed him. he has plans to proceed immediately to Sonny’s.

because that’s just who he is.

sometime tomorrow night, he will call. but regardless, if he gets in on time, that will be good enough for me.

and, yes, i have my ways of figuring out if he does.  

more than anything else, i am just WICKED excited. 


pandora rocks.

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right after i posted my last post, this came on.


Protected: out of my shell.

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