once upon a time, at a little place called the world’s largest cocktail party (no comment), in the fall of 2007, something happened:

let’s just say that it was not received well.  the game didn’t turn out well for the gators.

little known fact about urban meyer and the gators.

if you piss them off, watch out.  they won’t talk about it.  but it’s there.  it’ll be in the video clips shown the players all week. it’ll be in the heart of a quarterback who was a little broken that day in 2007 (you try quarterbacking with one shoulder. go ahead.  try it. or playing a game with a broken bone and not complaining about it.  go ahead.  try it. and then try winning the heisman.  yeah. that’s what i thought.) but who is healthy now.

this is how the gators find their revenge.

four interceptions.

one broken school record, turning our quarterback into the leading rushing touchdown scorer in school history, beating a little guy named emmitt smith.  even baby tebow (john brantley) got a chance to shine.

39 little points that say more than any trash talk could.

they left it on the field.

after every home game, our players sing our alma mater and fight song in front of the band, holding their helmets high.  urban meyer started that, as a way of honoring the band and the fans:

all hail, Florida, hail.

good grief, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.


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