so did you know that november is international academic writing month? i know that you’ve probably heard about that thing where you write on your blog every single day for a month which, while entertaining, doesn’t get me anything except a heap of trouble.

although i thought about it. i really did. because i have to join something.

instead, i found this, which is right up my alley.  so, i’m committing to you that i will write thirty thousand words this month, which if past experience serves, is about one hundred pages.  now before you leave me comments like WHAT? ARE YOU NUTS?, this total includes revising chapters.  if i am adding to, tinkering with, and substantially revising a piece, i will count it towards my word total.  thus, this seems to add up to revising my gothic chapter (which is about 11,000 words), completing my travel narratives chapter (which i think will be about 9000 words, at least), revising an article for submission (about 3000) and then getting started on another chapter, to be decided.  it’s an ambitious goal for me. it really is.

but i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i tend to do pretty well with the goals.

in other news, i’m returning the suit from ann taylor loft. it just doesn’t look very good together, and i feel uncomfortable in it. but i found another, and i’ll order it tomorrow. actually, two.  mom told me to buy one in black and one in navy–on her.  HELLO MIRACLES! keep your fingers crossed, yeah?

and now on to my eternal quest for jeans that make my butt look amazing.  and better makeup. i really need a makeover, really.  and i’m going to dye my hair again, i think.  reddish, maybe? i don’t know. either reddish or blondeish.  which do you think?  gosh, i just exploded my innermost thoughts all over the cyberweb.

note to self: try to edit.


One Response to “30K.”

  1. Hey I will TOTALLY help go makeup and jean shopping with you because we need some time to hang out and I need a break from school and work. And I’m pretty excited about your 30k words. That’s like a crazy word marathon. I believe in you!

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