i don’t know what to say, really.

in case you had totally missed it, i am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

that’s important for what i’m about to blog.

please watch this, which will be running in select markets in california, including airings on MSNBC and CNN:

this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that the church is skewered or used as a joke, a hiss, a byword.  if you don’t know this, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints DOES NOT TELL ITS MEMBERS HOW TO VOTE.  the Church does not use membership lists to campaign for Church-chosen candidates. it does not endorse candidates, even the high profile Mormon ones.  members serve faithfully in both parties, embracing a wide spectrum of political philosophies. the extent, in my long years of membership, of political discussion by Church leaders is a plea for members to prayerfully consider their civic responsibility and to vote in line with their conscience.

what members choose to support, monetarily or with their time, is entirely up to them. i think that, if you really ask yourself whether or not this has been true in your experience–that the Mormons that you know are bigoted, unkind, manipulative ogres who are ready to invade your home so that they can advance their own agenda–you would see that it simply isn’t true.

i could tell you how i felt when i saw this, how my immediate thought was that i worry for the missionaries in california who are contacting today, how i got angry.  i could talk about how during most of the last half of my three mile walk this morning, after voting, i thought about blogging this and what i would say.  i could go on and on about how if this was any other religious group a whole host of groups dedicated to protecting civil rights would be up in arms, railing about the unfairness and discrimination inherent in such a move.  bless them, the catholic conference has done just that.

where is everyone else?  when will we all have the courage to stand up for the other people, those that don’t necessarily share our views but who are being unfairly victimized?  have we not learned our lesson, that when we don’t stand up bad things happen?

i can’t wait for tomorrow, but i fear the fallout of such a divisive, vicious campaign.

5 Responses to “i don’t know what to say, really.”

  1. I am absolutely sickened by that ad, and I am so very sorry that your church is being specifically targeted in such a terrible way. Christians everywhere are being looked at as these uber-conservatives that are out to take away everyone’s rights, especially if they don’t agree with a particular issue because of a biblically based viewpoint. I am truly saddened at the lack of class our nation has today. What happened to freedom of religion? It certainly seems as though Mormons are not welcome in California any longer. I am very, very sorry your church was attacked in that way.

  2. Wow. That ad made me feel sick. I am so sorry that something so disturbing and hypocritical was allowed to be produced and aired. That is so unfair that your church was singled out in such a way, and after seeing this, I, too, worry about the safety of missionaries in California. While we don’t all share the same beliefs, voting no on proposition 8 is supposed to be about tolerance. And while this ad is against proposition 8 specifically, it certainly does not promote the same respect toward the Mormon church that is requested for same-sex couples. Completely uncalled for and hypocritical.

  3. I agree with TexasLauren. It is extremely hypocritical to produce such a disrespectful and vicious ad when you are trying to speak about tolerance and equality.

  4. Sav (another LDS member) Says:

    Because I don’t know what to say either:

    -Acts 5:41
    -Journalistic Integrity (even though I’m sure journalists didn’t produce this)? Willing misrepresentation?
    -Doctrine and Covenants 121:1-3; 122:1; 123:5; 134:7

    (And ya know what, it’s completely okay to have your religious beliefs influence your voting preferences. Voting is not a test where you give your answer and then justify it to prove its validity.)

  5. rexnerdorum Says:

    And now we see that Amendment 8 passed 52-48 (meaning the people on the commercial were defeated).

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