tagged, the holiday edition.*

courtesy of copper boom.

i’m supposed to tell you six random facts, but after writing this and this, it’s kind of hard to find things that i haven’t told you yet.  but i’ll give it a whirl.

1. thanksgiving is kind of a letdown holiday for me.  i don’t get into it much, mainly because i have no ownership of it.  in my family, we just sort of get together and eat and then go home.  when we lived farther apart, it was much more of an event because everyone came up and stayed with my aunt and we ate leftovers for days.  we made a weekend of it.  when we’re all in the same general proximity, it’s not a big deal. also, we have finetuned the meal so that there’s not many leftovers. which means no turkey sandwiches, which is genuinely my favorite part of the holiday.  so…mainly i just feel like if i bake a pie sometime between the end of november and the end of december, i have done my festive duty.

2. i have not once gotten up insanely early to shop after-thanksgiving sales. that may change this year.

3. this is the christmas song that can make my cry the fastest.  this is the christmas song that best expresses my feelings most years, sometimes more specifically than others. i think this is the funnest Christmas song (ignore the video). and, yes, funnest is a word.

4. if i don’t watch the original grinch, it’s not Christmas.

5. i have to fight, every year, the sadness of not having that childlike wonder on Christmas morning.  it’s not the same, and i can’t manage to recapture it. i can’t wait to have kids.

6. i hate people like me, who start talking about Christmas too early. like IRRATIONALLY hate. when i see holiday decorations out MONTHS beforehand, it makes me nuts.  but, honestly, i think i will get so little Christmas this year that i’m going to have to start early.  hmm.  maybe a party?

7. an extra, just for good measure. i have waited five years to see a palm tree truly decorated with Christmas lights.  hasn’t happened yet. i hope it happens this year.  it’s one of my insanely stupid florida dreams.

*it just sort of happened. i started with the first and realized that there were six.  sorry.

One Response to “tagged, the holiday edition.*”

  1. love it! “have yourself a merry little christmas” is most definitely one of my all time favorite christmas songs. i always get butterflies when I hear it. even in july.

    i’m such a christmas junkie.

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