cxv: so i put on my devil may care attitude and humiliated myself on the blogosphere.

i don’t know if it’s the late night, the fact that the entire lower half of my body is screaming at me from the crossramp intervals i did tonight at the gym, my lingering high over the fact that i almost fit into jeans at buckle even though that’s like where real girls shop, or the fact that i am shamelessly in need of some validation for my efforts, but here we go.

remember how i told you i had before and after pictures? but that i wasn’t sure if i wanted to share?

i’ma doin’ it.

(mainly because i’m studying about courage and this takes some and i’m all about embracing those opportunities right now.  see earlier comment about going to buckle.)

august 2004

august 2004.

(please remember: worst picture ever taken of me ever ever ever. i had just moved my entire house in in the blistering florida heat. but…yeah.)

november 2006.

november 2006.

(that’s the best friend, btw.  last time i saw him.)

october 2008. i'm in the middle.

october 2008.

i’m in the middle. you know, in case you didn’t know.

october 2008.

october 2008.

and me on the left.  you know.  in case you didn’t know…again.

so there you go, adoring internets.  it’s hard for me to see the difference, especially between the 2006 photo and the 2008 ones.  but i hear tell that there’s quite the difference.  whatever.  i find the weirdest thing about this whole thing how my brain can’t catch up.

someday it will.  that’ll be a good day, i think.

maybe it’ll be the day that i buy $80 victory jeans at buckle.

we’ll see.

8 Responses to “cxv: so i put on my devil may care attitude and humiliated myself on the blogosphere.”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Girl…give yourself an amazingly well deserved pat on the back!!! You look AMAZING!

  2. WHOOOO!!! 80$ Victory Jeans! Tell me the DAY they call you about them because I want to see you try them on!!! I’m so incredibly proud of you. And your ballin’ dress.

  3. holler! you go girl!! the day you buy those victory jeans, you wear them proud! 🙂

  4. And silly lady…you ARE a Real Girl and you DO shop where Real Girls shop. Because you’re fabulous.

  5. Wow, you look wonderful. What an accomplishment!

    I’m blogging again, by the way. Come on by. I hope you remember me. 🙂

  6. You look freakin’ amazing! I’m inspired and impressed. I hope your conference was a huge success. We just went camping with Jane Alexander and family and she asked about you and dissertation progress. I told her you were doing beautifully. I know the thrill that comes with buying at a “real girl” store. I hope to be able to fit back into my real girl pants in a few months–this belly gets bigger by the minute.

  7. I know you probably didn’t post this to have people say “you look amazing!” but seriously, it takes courage, motivation and love to do something like that and I hope you realize just how fantastic you are.

  8. You look amazing, but more important – you ARE amazing!

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