i cried.


this is the outer pillar outside the Los Angeles temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, picture courtesy of this article outlining what has been going on there.

you may not know about temples. you may not understand why this would be a big deal.  let me share my experience, as much as possible, with you.

i grew up in Los Angeles.  my mom often traveled the miles from our home in the san fernando valley downtown to attend the temple, but because i was a child, i did not go with her. sometimes i stayed with my grandparents as she would travel with other church members, always returning with a smile and shoulders carrying fewer burdens.  as i got older, i went with her. i didn’t go inside.  i spent my time reading books–shocker–on the grounds.

it didn’t matter what i did.  read. wander. sit. think. wait. regardless, whenever i stepped onto those grounds, the world went away.  the temple sits on very busy santa monica boulevard. you cannot imagine, unless you frequent large cities, the noise.  it’s a huge, busy, ever-bustling thoroughfare with the traffic, pollution, and commercial enterprises to prove it.  but when you turn onto the street that leads to the temple grounds, and then enter the temple grounds, that noise goes away.

it is replaced, instead, with the peace of the Spirit, meant to uplift and edify.  the temple grounds are open to anyone who wishes to visit. there is a visitors’ center for those who desire to learn more.  visitors may walk around. while they may not enter the temple, as it is a sacred space set apart from the world, they may enjoy the peace that i did as a child.

i have never been to a temple grounds where i was not met with a smile. the temple has always been a place to go to have my burdens lightened, to be able to serve, to feel that peace that is unavailable among the hustle and bustle of the world.

to see this? vandalism on the temple grounds?  it breaks my heart to now see what is happening to this place that i love so much.

i am not afraid.  the Lord’s work will not be frustrated.

but my heart hurts for this place of peace that is now the focus of so much turmoil.

2 Responses to “i cried.”

  1. I’m chocking back tears because I’m in the middle of the Hub reading this and don’t want everyone to see me cry. But oh, this breaks my heart. I’m not a Mormon, but that doesn’t matter. This is about religious tolerance and respect for holy grounds. I am absolutely horrified. Remind me to send you a video that will shock and break your heart about something else that happened in California. Not violent, but I got physically sick after seeing it. I don’t understand what’s going on over there, but I think it’s obviously time to pray for them.

  2. I posted about this today, too. I am appalled at the lack of respect.

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