mania. part one. surely bound to be followed by sequels that rival even the worst horror movie.

things that have perplexed me in the last twenty four hours:

  • why on earth the roofing company that is working on the roofs (why do i want to write rooves?) of two buildings near ours decided to park the ginormously obnoxious skip (sorry…british slip…dumpster) catty corner ACROSS THE THREE PARKING SPOTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR BUILDING. in a parking lot already devoid of extra spots.  oh well. bob on TBL would call it accidental exercise.  but i get angry every single time i see it.  it’s just stupid. and inconsiderate.
  • why all of the sudden the boys at the front desk of the gym want to smile and say things to me when i have been systematically ignored by the poor beleaguered student workers for…uhm…five months.  one of them caught me so by surprise yesterday morning that i croaked out a ‘good’ in response to his smiling ‘how are you?’ and realized that he was the first person i’d spoken to that day.
  • why do i always look perpetually pissed off during exercise?
  • how it is even possible that someone could say, and mean, that every single time they see me i look thinner.  they see me once a week.  it can’t be that miraculous.  really.  and if it’s the case WHY CAN’T I SEE IT TOO?!? good grief, it’s like there’s some sort of magical password and i don’t have it and i want it and i want it right now.
  • is there some sort of gremlin rule related to research for a dissertation chapter, like you can’t read after 11 p.m. or you mustn’t think that you are close to finishing because THAT’S when your entire world will explode with paper and books and things that you MUST. READ. NOW. or is that just me and my process?
  • why i must fill out an affirmative action form for EVERY. SINGLE. JOB. I. APPLY. FOR. i am white and a girl.  good enough?
  • how is it that i have spent like $50 at the grocery store in the last week and yet feel as though i have NOTHING to eat?  that can’t actually be true, right?  what am i missing?  and why can’t black bean burgers be free?

that is all.  have a kickin’ weekend everybody and GO GATORS!


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