so when i say, all dramatically, “i’m leaving!” what i really meant is not so much.

i’m compromising.

which really means i’m going back on my word.*

darnit all, i guess i’m a blogger born and bred.

which means i need the cathartic outlet of whining in front of an audience instead of just dealing like the rest of the world.  and they say i’m shy.**

but in an effort to actually continue to eliminate the allure of writing pithy posts and thus siphoning off all effort from the dissertation writing (which soon will catapult my november 30K total to…oh…13,000.  which is still a miserable fail, but let’s hope for the early part of december to kill it but how), i believe that i will limit myself to short posts about nonsense.

or youtube videos of songs that struck me as awesomely appropriate for me and my life.

so, here’s the first.  won’t be the last.  or it will.  who knows?  not me.

not me at all.

*i am notorious for this.  ask the BFF about me and texting or emailing.

**no one really says this anymore, but they should. i actually am.  sometimes.

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