little lessons learned.

i have lost my appetite.  i have no idea where it went, but if it gets held up in customs on its way back to me, i don’t think i’ll mind too terribly much, especially given that the monday after thanksgiving i weighed 3+ pounds less than i did the day before it.  this is not healthy nor is it normal, but it’s awfully freaking ego-boosting.

i have the best roommates in the world.  they worry about me and it’s nice to know someone’s paying attention. that’s family right there.

one of my favorite things is getting lostish while trying to find something.  i call them adventures. i’m beginning to think that everything is better when you consider it an adventure.

it’s still REALLY cool to climb to the top of the jungle gym. it’s probably even cooler when you never did it when you were a kid because you were a giant wimp.

i’m funny.  like even when i don’t try.  probably more, actually, when i don’t try.

sand in your shoes (or in your HAIR or all over your pants) = not so much very fun.  except when it is.

i can’t really listen to optimus prime wax philosophical about freedom in transformers without laughing a little. the later it gets, though, the more the odds are that i will take it COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY and think it’s an awesome metaphor for our time.  you know, even though it’s just a big hunk of CGI metal setting up a sequel.

yes, adorable boys who come into the writing center–you may flirt with me AND get grammatical advice. thanks for doing so today and for seeming excited to see me later in the week for another appointment.  ah, heck. thanks for noticing that i’m a cute girl and not just a disembodied brain.  because i AM.  cute, that is.

sometimes, scriptural discussions end up referring to awesome songs, and then life explodes in awesomeness. thus, i present the youtube clip of the day, the song to which we referred and really a quite deep philosophical statement for our times.

or really, it’s just cool:

job update: not working at mississippi state either.


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