ridiculous ramblings on a monday morning.

once upon a time, my online food diary exercise group (that just sounded way more complicated than it is, but think forum support group…which makes me sound like a freak but whatever) had a challenge to maintain weight over thanksgiving.

to which, apparently, i scoffed and said “suckas, in the next 10 days, i will lose as many pounds.”


things i’ve learned–when i don’t eat (i swear, i’m not turning anorexic…i just didn’t WANT to, and then i got busy and forgot, and then i never slept at all and then i was just like “food? you’re KIDDING, right?” because it was all BLECH to me and then i got on the scale and was all SILVER LINING! even though i know it will all come back when i start eating and exercising again because that’s just my life) or sleep…bad things happen.

usually in my head, but bad things happen.

so i am back on the eating/sleeping/exercising bandwagon schedule, and am glad to be there. except that today i spent most of the morning in bed because a) it was freaking cold and 2) i felt like it.

but i ate some cereal, so i guess that’s okay.

it’s december, y’all, which means that i am less than a week from home and REALLY close to san francisco (no, i haven’t heard anything else…oh, except that mt. holyoke hired someone else, to which i was like meh.) and to SO. MANY. THINGS. TO. DO. and oh my gosh how is it already december when i have no idea what to get anyone?

oh, christmas.

sometimes i wish that i could just make things for people. but that would take time and like…effort…and creativity, which i aspire to funnel into my work.

i’ll let you determine how well THAT’S going, what with the no eating and no sleeping and no thinking any rational thoughts at all thing.


but back on the bandwagon! onward and upward!

i do have some ideas for christmas, which is kind of cool, but they will take massive (if your definition of massive is assorted numbers of minutes strung together) amounts of planning, use of the USPS, and cuteness.

the last one i’ve got in spades, but…you know.

so, since it’s almost christmas, and since i didn’t get to use these at the FSU game because it was POURING DOWN RAIN and what’s the point of that?, here you go:


but christmas came early, in case you didn’t know, because my boys are going to the championship. my gator boys. ah, i’m so proud of them. and i may or may not be hosting a MASSIVE party that night. if by massive you mean anyone who comes to my house to watch is welcome but if you talk smack about my gators, i’ll kick you in the face.

now all i want for christmas is some interviews and to do well on my mock interview on thursday and to finish my chapter that i’m working on and to have peace and direction.

those last two are the ones that i’ve been praying for a lot, and i’ve gotten them in spades over the past few days, and it’s been great. i’d like for that to continue, so i’m trying to find ways to keep it around.

i believe that it will. i really do.

in the meantime, i’m going to try to work like it’s all up to me and pray like it’s all up to Him.

what more can i do?


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