i have learned many lessons since driving into NC on saturday.

the first is that i sleep too much. alarms have nothing on me here. even the incredibly annoying cell phone alarm that i have to snooze every eight minutes.

the second is that i look ridiculous in an elf hat.  yes, this is a lesson that i should have learned earlier in life, but i guess i’m behind the curve.

the third is that december brings with it envy, covetousness, and idolatry.

of this:


my mom’s cuisinart. every christmas, i bake for her managers.  this christmas, i went BUCK WILD.  four kinds of candy, four kinds of baked goods, all made possible without enormous stress and incredible exhaustion because of this silver and amazing mixer.  which i love.  covet.  worship.

the fourth is that a switch has flipped in my head.  doors are closing.  interviews aren’t happening (although hope continues to make an anchor of my soul).  i’m going to san francisco anyways, even if i don’t have interviews.  and now all i do is sort of chuckle.

there’s a plan. of this i am certain. what the plan is? i haven’t the foggiest idea. i have some very vague conceptions of what it might be, but no clear ideas.  but i know that i am being led.  and so, to take a phrase from one of my favorite bloggers, The Matters Unbloggable do not weigh me down.

right now.

the fifth is that i am ready for challenges again.  physical, mental, bring it on.  so a friend of mine and i are going to start this. she’s getting married. i’m trying to get closer to the goal.  it’ll be fun.  also, we’re starting a stadium stair group back in gville after the new year. we’ll see how many people stick to it, but we’re thinking of getting t-shirts.

i’ll do almost anything for a t-shirt.

my snickerdoodles are coming out of the oven, so that means blog time is over.

i can’t believe it’s december 16th.  where has the last month gone?


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  1. Hey! You are talking about me! I’m famous.

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