house of pain.

the outside of my thighs feel literally shredded.

i dreaded the second day of jillian michaels, but i got through it. the pushups may kill me and i still find side lunges really complex (how exactly are you supposed to do them right? it all seems wrong when i’m doing it.) i am worried that i will not be able to do it for thirty days straight. but i think i will hate myself a little (read: a lot) if i don’t.

so now i’m googling how to deal with massive muscle soreness (i’m embracing light cardio after the workout, ibuprofen, and lots of water).

and that’s your update. and it’s my accountability exercise.


One Response to “house of pain.”

  1. I am so excited about this! Yeah, it is going to hurt but you will look even more fab than you already do!!

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