issues up for discussion.

i have hit a new level of desperation, either born of boredom or of a strange need to constantly tripletask, because i just keep hitting friends on my facebook page, desperately hoping that something, anything, will happen.

i have yet to finish my christmas shopping. i am supposed to make something for my mom that i haven’t even figured out how to do yet, let alone started. i need to make a belt for a dress before tuesday at 6 p.m. and our family has decided to do a german christmas meal, so i have to figure out how to make apple streudel sometime between now and then. oh, and potato pancakes. and other side dishes.

i go to san francisco in less than a week. no interviews, but that seems to be going around. i’ve been charged with bringing back multiple loaves of sourdough bread, so i have to figure out how to do that without calling attention to myself and tripping some kind of north carolina imported baked goods alarm.

i have done nothing…i repeat…NOTHING on my chapter. THAT’S a problem.

it will be 39 degrees here tomorrow and i do not own a coat that fits me. i do not have access to a coat that fits me. living in florida, this normally does not pose a huge problem because i have lightweight jackets that often do the job. but 39 degrees? brrr.

the good news is that i took a day off of the shred, and i think it was a good thing. i’ll double up tomorrow, i guess. don’t care right now.

i can’t believe that it’s almost christmas. it’s almost 2009. what the heck.


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