for all the ladies out there.

listen. if you’re not a girl, fair warning. girl talk ahead. and not the like exciting gossipy girl talk. like talk about girl-related things. so you may want to move on.


okay. ladies. i went shopping this past week and i am apparently a 35C+. meaning that in bra sizes i am completely inbetween.


and i know, before you tell me, that there are those “nearly whatever cup size you are” sizes. but they don’t MAKE those in C/D.

because, apparently, if you have the blessing of being between “perfect playboy/most frequently requested enhancement size” and “holy crap perhaps i should investigate a career in stripping” you should just count your lucky stars and be done with it.


so…suggestions? i can fit into a 34 if i don’t want to, you know, breathe real deep, but the 36 fits fine, especially on the last clasp. but…i don’t know what to do. i mean, i don’t want to look like i’m smashing the girls down in order to get into a C, but the Ds usually look…not properly filled out.


i like being a girl most days, but sometimes shopping days make me CRAZY.

so…help a sister out, will you? should i try victoria’s secret? are they going to help me or make me want to cry and run out of there? anywhere else?

seriously. suggestions and advice needed and hereby solicited.

and i hereby end tmi girl talk.

2 Responses to “for all the ladies out there.”

  1. I’ve heard the best feedback from stores (NOT Victoria Secret or a department store) that specialize in “undergarments.” Usually little boutique shops that can give you the time and personal attention you need to be sized correctly. There is such a variety of bras out there, with some time and effort you can definitely find one that works.

  2. Don’t go to Vicky’s. When you are a C cup VS works fine, but when you graduate to D’s (like I recently did) you gotta go to a lingerie store. Where there are people. Working. Who can help you find bras that support the girls and allow you to breathe and look perky and not smushy.

    And why is it that I’m pushing 30!!! and my boobs are STILL growing!!! WTF?

    Gotta answer, Doc?

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