westward bound.

going to san francisco without any interviews should be a lot more depressing than it actually is. instead, i’m going with no pressure, just a need to attend sessions, make the most of it, and hopefully network and meet some people that might be important later in the job search.

i really do suppose that i should be upset about it, but instead i genuinely think the Lord is in charge. i think that’s pretty clear from the way that things have gone down in the past few weeks.

so i’m going for a few days–i’ll bring back stories, hopefully, and pictures, maybe, and a better sense of how these crazy huge conferences work. i’ll be back online when i’m back home.

until then, keep yourself safe, love the ones around you, and enjoy the last few days of 2008.

i’ll say hi to the golden gate for you.

2 Responses to “westward bound.”

  1. Be safe and have fun!!!

  2. Yeah for Cali! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts, Cali is my #1 pick for post-graduation employment.

    Have fun and LOVE the positive attitude!

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